June 2022 Lecture - War Crimes In Australian History: From the Boer War to Vietnam

Australia espouses adherence to the laws of armed conflict, and support for the institutions that monitor them. Australia has been an overt and enthusiastic supporter, and an ‘early adopter’, of most international treaties applicable to the law of armed conflict. Australia has firmly, but fairly, investigated and prosecuted the war crimes of our adversaries. While Australia’s record of compliance with the law of armed conflict is a good one, there are, from the Boer War through to the Vietnam War, indications that, in rare exceptions, Australian service members may have been involved in serious breaches of the laws of armed conflict, including the killing of non-combatants and persons hors de combat, including prisoners. The case of the BVC illustrates an irregular unit, operating with autonomy and limited supervision, under the influence of a flawed but charismatic leader, in which practices for the treatment of prisoners that were inconsistent with formal and legal obligations becam

Timeline of Military Units Raised or Stationed Exclusively in New South Wales - 1788 to Present

  Dates Units and Formations 1788-1870 Regiments of the British Army 1788-1790 Marines [actually Royal Navy] 1790-1810 New South Wales Corps 1809-1810 102nd Regiment of Foot 1810-1814 73rd Regiment of Foot 1814-1818 46th South Devonshire 1817-1824 48th Northamptonshire 1823-1827 3rd East Kent (the Buffs) 1824-1829 40th   2nd Somersetshire 1825-1832 57th   West Middlesex 1827-1832 39th   Dorsetshire 1829-1833 63rd   West Suffolk 1830-1836 17th   Leicestershire 1832-1837 4th   King’s Own 1833-1841 50th   Queen’s Own 1833-1839 21st   Royal North British Fusiliers 1835-1842